David Price (david_price) wrote,
David Price

Making Sense of Copenhagen?

During the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, The Independent is using Debategraph as a new kind of global citizen reporting tool to help people around the world make sense collectively of what's happening and not happening at the UN conference.

The process builds on The Independent’s existing cluster of climate change maps, and over the next 9 days mapping teams will be reporting on both the proceedings at COP15 and its civil society counterpart Klimaforum09.

The climate maps already cover over a thousand arguments on everything from Climategate, the perceived threats from climate change, the options for reducing the human impact on the climate, and the obstacles to a negotiated agreement.

Everyone is welcome to contribute their own reports and ideas to the process here.
Tags: carbon dioxide, climate, climate change, climate justice, climategate, co2, cop15, copenhagen, global warming, klimaforum09

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