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Visualizing the Second Leaders's Debate

Following the remarkable shift in the polls after last week's debate, what fate awaits Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg as they confront each other in the second prime ministerial TV debate tonight?

The Independent will be using Debategraph this evening to map the flow of questions and answers during the live debate – and in the days after the debate to examine the positions of the three leaders on the key global issues facing the country.

You can follow the debate live here as the map develops during the broadcast and contribute your own thoughts during and beyond the debate too.

(click the text link here to open and contribute to the debate)

Once you have logged in, you can also rate the quality of the individual points made by Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg—with the thickness of the arrows changing to signal which ideas and responses are perceived to be stronger (thicker) and weaker (thinner).

As with the other maps in the series you can you can keep up to date with the subsequent developments via @TheIndyDebate on Twitter. And you are welcome to embed the map on your own website or blog (like a Google map) using the code shown below:

<iframe src='http://debategraph.org/Flash/fv_indep.aspx?r=58067&sc=small' frameborder='0' width='490' height='500' scrolling='no'></iframe>

And for a preview of what to expect, and an alternate visualization tonight, check out Simon Buckingham Shum's excellent mapping from the first debate last week.

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